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The Deutsche Biographie networks with selected other information providers in the Internet by offering a structured link list on each person listed in its index. The links entered in this list lead to further biographical services, furthermore directly to collections of source works and documents in archives, source editions, bibliographies, portrait collections and further materials complementing the articles of the Deutsche Biographie.

Technically, the link list of the Deutsche Biographie is based on BEACON files which, in turn, are based on the identification of individual persons in the common authority file (gemeinsame Normdatei, GND ID), managed under the auspices of the German National Library in Frankfurt am Main. The Deutsche Biographie likewise identifies the persons registered in its services with the aid of this GND ID. This means that all services in the Internet where entries have been provided with an identical GND ID can be cross-linked among each other.

The Deutsche Biographie does not endeavor to provide a complete list of all possible services in the Internet in its link list, but makes a selection. Such services are included in the link list which

  • - meet academic standards
  • - are authorized by name by an institution or editor
  • - are apparently provided sustainably
  • - are evaluated as particularly relevant in accordance with the professional criteria used by the editorial office of the Deutsche Biographie for selecting and processing its articles.

The link list of the Deutsche Biographie is structured in accordance with the individual groups of services for the sake of clarity.

On the website of the Historical Commission lists are provided with BEACON files on data sets of the Deutsche Biographie, with the aid of which other projects on the Internet can create direct links to the services of the Deutsche Biographie.

The Deutsche Biographie pursues a further, also multimedia-based, enhancement of its services in cooperation with academic institutions of the German language area.

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